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Servas is an international network of travellers and hosts, where personal meetings between people all over the world and the exchange of customs, cultures and ideas are central.

  • Are you interested in other cultures and customs? 
  • Do you enjoy meeting people from all over the world?
  • Are you hospitable?
  • Do you like to travel?

Then you will feel definitely at home at Servas. Become a member.

As a member of Servas you can meet people worldwide in a personal way.  It offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the real life of a foreign country.  And you, in turn, can introduce your guests to your life.  As a traveller you experience more of the culture than as an average tourist: you come to people’s homes and share their lives for two days.  And as a host you make visitors part of your world for two days.

Servas has members in over 130 countries and is still growing!  Become a member too!