Welcome to Servas

Welcome to Servas! An organisation where personal encounters between people all over the world and the exchange of customs, cultures and ideas are at its core.

– Are you interested in other cultures?
– Do you enjoy meeting people from all over the world?
– Are you hospitable, and do you love to travel?

If so, you’ll certainly feel at home with Servas*

As a Servas member, you’ll be able to meet people from all over the world on a personal basis.
Servas gives you the chance to experience real life in a foreign country. And in turn you can let your guests learn something about your own life. Travelling in this way you experience more of a culture than a normal tourist, you visit people in their own home, and share their lives for a short while. As a host, you share your world with your visitors. Servas has members in more than 130 countries and is still growing.

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