You are member of Servas and would like to travel

You are a member of Servas and you are going to travel. This is what you need: a valid LOI and a profile on Servas Online.


A LOI has to be obtained from ServasOnline. First step is to make sure you can get in ServasOnline. The second step is to send an e-mail to and say to the ServasOnline coordinator that you want to travel. He will then put your ServasOnline profile on ‘traveller’. After ‘traveller’ is is visible in your online profile you can fill in the LOI. A digital seal will be provided by the Travelcoordinator.

If you only want to travel in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, you can use a
BMC. A BMC is free of charge. In contrast to the

Fill it in, paste or put on a photo and sign it. Send BMC to the Travel Coordinator. He will sign it and put a stamp on it. The BMC is not valid without a signature and stamp. The Travel Coordinator will then send it back to you. When travelling, always bring the signed BMC with you so that you can show it to the host. The address of the Travel Coordinator can be found in the Manual. If you cannot find an answer, please contact the Regional coordinator.

Servas Online

Everyone who has paid for their membership has a profile on Servas Online. You can supplement this profile yourself with the information you want to share. In Servas Online you can search for hosts and make contact with them. A clear manual has been written about the use of Servas Online. You can find it here: ServasOnline Manual.

Note: Servas Online does not always work properly yet. Unfortunately, the Dutch board cannot change that. This is the responsibility of the international Servas Online coordinator. If you run into any problems, please let us know at We will then pass it on to the international Servas Online coordinator.

“What does travelling mean to us?
It’s a chance to explore, to connect, to listen, to understand, to be. It’s about self-growth and enjoying challenges – whether that’s looking after a farm in Normandy, learning Spanish in Bolivia, or helping to run a guesthouse in Cape Town, South Africa. We love to ‘live local’, stay a while, and get to know people. That’s why Servas is ideal for us.
We’ll never forget the time we stayed with a Servas host – a Hindu housewife in India. She showed us her private temple and talked of her dreams to work in child care. She gave us cake from the recent Diwali festival, and told us we were lucky because we’d come from Europe and now here we were eating cake blessed by god; that god must have meant us to have it. Such experiences are precious. We’ve been travelling for five years now – on and off – and have experienced so much; and we hope to keep going for many more.”

                                                      Tracey and Jim