As a Servas host you are open to visits from Servas travellers from all over the world. You offer a (simple) place to sleep en you love to have dinner together, to talk and spent some time together.

To be a host? It’s another way to travel.
In a Belgian restaurant we strike up a conversation with an English-French couple. They’ve exchanged their house in Aberdeen for a month with someone from Brugge. Just like us, they visit places suggested by the ‘Lonely Planet’. ‘It’s a shame, you only see things as an outsider’. It appears that we have an interest in common – alternative cattle-rearing – ‘Lonely Planet’ doesn’t cover this subject. So, we invite the couple to visit us. ‘Call us, it’s best if you come in the afternoon, then we’ll have time to talk, and the next day we can cycle to a sustainable pig farm. You can stay the night’.
They brought a box of real butterscotch with them. The ladies cooked, the men washed-up. We arranged a visit to a friend’s ecological plum farm for them on their return journey to Belgium.
As they left, our guests asked us if we’d heard of Servas. They told us all about it and said ‘actually, it’s just what you’re doing’.
And so we became members. As hosts we accomodate guests from all over the world. That’s how we travel without leaving the house.