Aspiring member

 I want to become a member

Are you interested in becoming a member?  This can be done in three ways: as host, day host and/or as traveller.

Make an appointment with one of our regional coordinators for an interview.  This is necessary because we want to make sure that you support Servas’ goal.  Download the following forms, fill them out, print them out and bring them with you to your interview.  Don’t have a printer?  Then ask your regional coordinator if he/she will print the documents for you.

After becoming a Servas member, you create a profile on ServasOnline so that you can connect with other members.  If you want to travel you also need a Letter of Introduction (LOI).  This is a ‘passport’ for Servas members that you show to your host.  Each adult member of a household/travel party needs its own LOI.

Need help?  Please contact your regional coordinator.