Servas Netherlands

Servas Netherlands currently has about 280 members (households); of these 80 are travellers and the rest are either hosts or day-hosts.
The committee of the organisation consists officially of 3 members: a shared chairmansship and a treasurer. Next to these three we have a travelcoordinator and a Servas Onlinecoordinator. Other members contribute on a regular or incidental basis to help keep the organisation running. In addition the organisation has 13 regional coordinators who function as contact persons for members in their region.
Regional coordinators meet and hold introductory talks with those who wish to become members.
Servas members can read travelstories and news on the online blog. (Dutch only)
All members are invited to the annual membership meeting which takes place each year at the end of March. At this meeting members are able to talk about, and join in the decision-making process of the organisation. It’s also an opportunity to meet other members and exchange Servas experiences – as a traveller or host. A regional meeting also takes place every year – regional coordinators invite members  to take part. In addition other spontaneous, smaller meetings take place throughout the year.